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Discover the easiest way to connect with multiple Surgeons and start planning your Top Surgery. Plus, learn why some guys always pay less for FTM Top Surgery.

Get Rid of Your Binder Once and For All!

Binding sucks! It's hot, uncomfortable, and a constant reminder of having breasts that really shouldn't be there. But it doesn't have to be this way (at least, not forever.) There's a surgery date waiting for you and FTM Chest Surgery can help get you there.

Imagine Yourself On a Beautiful Beach, Topless...

FTM Top Surgery won't make you more of a man than you already are, but it will make you feel FREE.

FTM Top Surgery ResultsFree from binding... free to wear a thin T-shirt... or, free to wear no shirt at all! You walk taller and have more confidence. You're happier. Your positivity spills into other areas of your life, and... The list goes on. You think this all sound too good to be true? OK, it won't solve all your problems but trust me, getting Top Surgery is a really transformative experience! I know, because I've been there.

Are You About to Make the Same Mistake I Almost Made?

When I decided I wanted to have FTM Top Surgery, I hit up Google to learn more and quickly found myself... overwhelmed! There was just too much information to sift through, and the reliability of what I found was often questionable, from totally subjective opinions to downright factual errors. I tried emailing Surgeons and they didn't respond!

So, I decided on another approach: I'd have surgery with the surgeon that everyone said was "The Best." Smart, right? Big mistake! When I should have been happy about pending surgery, I found myself increasingly frustrated at the mounting costs: I had to save money for the surgeon's fee (which was one of the highest in the country), plus flights and a hotel stay for two (in one of the most expensive areas of the U.S.) And to make matters worse, I wasn't convinced that the surgeon had my goals in mind. We'd never met in person and already I was feeling like a walking paycheck to him. Not a good sign.

How I Saved Almost $5000 on FTM Top Surgery

Instead of following what everyone else was doing, I sought out a second opinion from a lesser known Surgeon. Not only was he expertly trained in Top Surgery, he was also located just a few hours away from me by car! He suggested a procedure that would suit my surgery goals—one that "The Best" didn't perform. I wouldn't need to fly anywhere, and I could reduce my hotel stay considerably. And to top it off, the Surgeon's fee was $2000 less than other Surgeon!! In total, I wound up saving almost $5000!

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You Can Save Big Money on FTM Top Surgery

How to Get Top Surgery and Pay Less

FTM Top Surgery SurgeonsThe key to saving money on Top Surgery is knowing what your options are. As I discovered, there's no need to fly around the country when there's a great Surgeon in the next county over! Problem is, finding and then sorting through all the Top Surgery and Surgeon information is time-consuming and confusing! Instead of wasting your time chasing down all the details, do what the smart guys do: let the Surgeons come to you!

Top Surgery Information On Demand

SRS Surgeon emailsJust one simple request puts you on the road to getting a surgery date! FTM Chest Surgery connects you to multiple expert Surgeons that offer Top Surgery. When you request free information, you'll receive Top Surgery Info from each of our partner Surgeons. Compare costs, procedures, locations and more to find the right Surgeon for you. Unlock thousands in savings by simply knowing what your options are!